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Held Projansky Furs

Family business: Held Projansky sells and cares for furs

Jean Douglass remembers well when fur shops could be found all over the Rochester area. One of them was her father’s shop on Clifford Avenue, near Portland.
Douglass took over the family business, Clifford Fur Co., back in 1959. Now, she’s the longtime owner of Held Projansky, a furrier on Monroe Avenue in Brighton.
“I was born into the fur business,” Douglass said. She and her husband, David, bought Held Projansky in 1990 when that business was going through difficult times. Douglass closed her father’s business at the same time, figuring Held Projansky was “a good way to get into better and bigger business.”
Anthony Sepe, Douglass’ father, had opened Clifford Fur Co. in 1939. Douglass started working there as a kid during summers.
He was one of many in the local industry, she said. “There were many more all over the city and downtown.”
The company started about 1925 by Bernard Held, Douglass said. The “Projansky” part came with a merger about 1979. The business was on Euclid Street when the Douglasses bought it. They later moved to Pittsford Plaza for a decade or so, and then to Brighton, where the shop has been for 10 years.
A lot of the business involves storage. Customers include some from California and Texas and as far away as Nepal.
“We’re talking the Himalayas,” Douglass said. “He stores his jackets with us. They had lived here before .… We see (customers) for storage twice a year. They drop them off in spring and pick them up in November. We store thousands of them.”
Held Projansky, of course, also sells fur garments such as coats, jackets, hats and capes, as well as does maintenance. The business has many longtime customers, Douglass said, and many longtime employees. One, a 96-year-old woman, still comes in once weekly to do all the hand-sewing work.

Held Projansky Feature Story

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Cyber Monday Tips by Fixingfox Computer Repair in Rochester NY

November 17, 2016

Fixingfox Announces Cyber Monday Computer Preparation Tips for Shopping Online this Holiday Season

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Have Your Computer Ready for the Cyber Monday. Visit Fixingfox at 5 Monroe Ave. in the Village of Pittsford

Online consumers are gearing up for what is expected to be a huge day in spending on cyber Monday this year. However, before you online shoppers begin purchasing your items online, the techs at FixingFox want to give you precaution tips and expert advice so that you have no surprises and are not put at risk this cyber Monday .

Run a Scan on Your Computer

One of the simplest tasks online consumers can do to help prepare themselves for cyber Monday is to do a FULL computer scan on their desktop or laptop computer. It is very crucial to make sure that your computer does not have any malware, spyware and computer viruses.

Contact Fixingfox to remove malware, spyware or computer virus.

In the Rochester NY area, Fixingfox has expertise in removing computer viruses, malware and spyware so that you are not at risk come Cyber Monday.

Use “https” Websites

On a very cautionary and technical tip, Fixingfox can’t stress enough for online shoppers to ONLY shop on websites that have”https” – the extra “S” at the end is a critical indicator of authenticity for online security and encryption. Learn More About HTTPS

Clear Your Browsing History and Cookies

Did you know that some online stores keep track of the items you browsed? – It’s not necessary but Fixingfox strongly encourages deleting your browsing history and cache cookies as well.

Don’t just take our word for it – Dynamic pricing still happens, especially during Cyber Monday.

What is Dynamic Pricing ?

Contact Fixingfox if you need help with your computer before cyber Monday

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Don’t Put Yourself at Risk this Holiday Season. Make sure your computer is running properly. Visit Fixingfox if you feel your computer isn’t running well.

Install OS Updates and Security Updates

The technicians at Fixingfox Computer Repair in Rochester NY strongly advise cyber Monday online shoppers to check for updates on their laptop and desktop computers – Microsoft Windows updates or Apple OS updates – and install them well in advance of cyber Monday. Updates are critical especially since some updates are security related and some take longer than others.( It’s important to have them installed with no interruptions). If your computer is unable to install or installation of updates failed, they’re might be a bigger problem

Bring Your Computer to Fixingfox if you need help with updating your Operating System for Windows or Apple Mac OS

Use a Credit Card for Online Purchases

If you can, Fixingfox technician strongly recommend that you use a credit card for online purchases on cyber Monday in order to protect yourself best from fraud. Should you not receive your goods purchased or if they are damaged, you can notify and issue a dispute and your credit card company will resolve the matter. Plus, your purchases are not being made directly with your funds directly as you are using the credit card services towards the transaction.

Go Directly to the Store’s/Manufactures Website

Fixingfox advises cyber Monday shoppers to try to avoid search engines when looking for deals on goods. It is best to visit and browse directly at the online website of the store for best deals.

Avoid click bait scams on social media.

Avoid click bait scams on social media.

Avoid Social Media Click Bait Scams, Pop Up Coupons, and Don’t Open Emails with sketchy coupon attachments

There are a lot of illegitimate and untrust worthy websites and they have also infiltrated social media platforms(such as facebook and twitter) with fake accounts and announcing click bait scams that involve announcing “amazing deals” or emailing malware infected attachments. The technicians at Fixingfox advise cyber Monday shoppers to avoid social media links and coupons all together. Nowadays coupons are most typically in the form of a checkout code or in print version.

Fixingfox Removes Computer Malware and Viruses in the Rochester NY area

If you feel that your laptop or desktop computer is not working properly or if you accidentally clicked or downloaded malware, rest assured that the computer repair technicians at Fixingfox can properly remove the virus, malware, spyware and repair your computer.

Test Your Internet Connection and WiFi Signal Strength

Lastly, make sure you are doing your cyber monday shopping on a secure internet connection with a good, reliable connection and speed. The last thing anyone wants to experience is a faulty internet connection, especially when cyber monday deals are for a limited time.

If you are planning on doing your cyber monday shopping on a apple iPad or an apple iPhone, rest assured Fixingfox repairs broken screens for Apple iPads and Apple iPhones in the Rochester NY area.

Rochester NY Computer Repair

June 9, 2016

Rochester NY Computer Repair – Apple MacBook Pro

Rochester NY Computer Repair: Rochester NY Computer Repair – Apple MacBook Pro from Fixing Fox

Located at 5 Monroe Avenue in the Village of Pittsford NY, FixingFox computers has been building an excellent reputation for repairing computers of local businesses and residents in the greater Rochester NY area.

FixingFox is a unique centrally located business at the four corners of the Village of Pittsford and they have been specializing in repairing computers from all makes and models, removing computer viruses, data recovery, repairing broken apple iphone screens, repairing apple ipad screens and providing on site tech support.

Rochester NY Apple MacBook Laptop Computer Repair by FixingFox

FixingFox has the properly trained technicians with professional expertise in repairing Apple MacBook, Apple MacBook Pro and Apple MacBook Air laptop computers. If the computer is broken or not working properly, rest assured FixingFox will be up to the task of repairing it and making the computer run back to factory specs.

About FixingFox – Rochester NY Computer Repair

Fixingfox provides top quality laptop and desktop computer repair and Virus removal services in the Rochester NY area. Services are professional with very competitive rates. Mobile Phone Repair for Apple iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, iPhone 6 and Apple iPad Repair.
For More Information Contact FixingFox at (585) 473-7035 | FixingFox – Rochester NY Computer Repair | 5 Monroe Avenue Pittsford, NY 14534.

Long Island NY Fence Installation

July 9, 2015

Every month Pittsford Business will showcase the services and products of its sponsored local businesses. Sponsored stories will be posted to the Pittsford Business blog and kept there permanently.

Regency Fence Company -Long Island located and serving the entire Suffolk County of Long Island NY for residential and commercial fence and gate installation contractor services.
Since it’s start over 25 years ago, Regency Fence Company has dedicated its business to providing top quality fence and gate installation services while maintaining an excellent reputation of customer satisfaction.

Regency Fence Company provides installation and contracting services for commercial, residential and industrial properties throughout Suffolk County in Long Island NY

Services begin with a scheduled professional estimate at the property location where the installation services are needed. At the site locations property is surveyed and measurements are required so that correct supplies and materials can be put together for the project.
Right now because it is summer time, Regency Fence Company is having a special sale on pool fence installation. Pool fences are great not only because they are legally required but also they give you some privacy while you get to enjoy your property with peace of mind.
Regency Fence Company – Long Island NY provides the following services for all its customers in Suffolk County Long Island NY:

  • Automatic Gate Operators
  • Commercial Chain Link Fences in Long Island NY
  • Chain link fences in Long Island NY
  • Gate motors for fences in Long Island NY
  • All types of custom gates and fences in Long Island NY
  • Commercial Fences in Long Island NY
  • Residential Fences in Long Island NY
  • Pool Fence Installation in Long Island NY
  • Industrial Fences in Long Island NY
  • Ornamental Aluminum fences and gates in Long Island NY
  • Custom Wood fences, gates Long Island NY
  • Baseball field fence installation in Long Island NY
  • P.V.C. – Vinyl fence installation in Long Island NY
  • Property Management Gate and Fence Installation in Long Island NY
  • Realty Group Fence Installation in Long Island NY
  • Railing – Iron, Aluminum and Vinyl
  • Interior and Exterior Fence Installation for Commercial Properties
  • Storage Units & Storage Cages
  • Parking lot Maintenance – Bollards, Handicap Sign & Installation

Regency Fence Company – Long Island NY is FULLY licensed and insured for Suffolk and Nassau County.
In Addition, Regency Fence Company – Long Island is OSHA Certified.

For More information contact Regency Fence Company – Long Island

Regency Fence Company – Long Island
Tel: (631) 433-948

Desktop Computer Repair by Fixingfox

June 9, 2015

Every month Pittsford Business will showcase the services and products of its sponsored local businesses. Sponsored stories will be posted to the Pittsford Business blog and kept there permanently.

Computer Sales and Repair Services by Fixingfox

computer repair and virus removalLocated at 5 Monroe Avenue in the heart and center of the Village of Pittsford, Fixingfox is locally owned and operated computer repair shop specializing in computer repair, virus removal, data recovery, iPhone repair and iPad repair. Fixingfox performs all of its services in-house at competitive rates.

Affordable and Professional Computer Repair

Fixingfox has a dedicated and professionally trained team in repairing desktop and laptop computers from all makes and models.
On typical computer repairs, Fixingfox has a quick turn around time for completed repair. Customers walk in and technicians will ask briefly what the computers problems are, and what have the customers been experiencing with their computer (computer running slow, making loud noises from fan, glitch on screen, etc.) From there Fixingfox will perform tests to pin point the problem and identify if it is hardware or software (operating system) related.

All Repairs Come with a Warranty

computer repair rochesterThe technicians at Fixingfox always recommend a cost effective repair plan to all its customers. On top of that all hardware related repairs come with a 1 year in-store limited warranty. For all software related (operating system) repairs, come with a 90 day in-store limited warranty.
Website – Fixingfox computer repair
5 Monroe Avenue
Pittsford, NY
Tel: (585) 473-7035
Monday – Friday: 10:00am – 1:00pm and 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Saturday – Onsite Appointments Only

Pittsford Paddle and Pour Festival: Pittsford Paddle and Pour Festival – Pittsford Business

June 9, 2015

The Paddle and Pour Festival in Pittsford

The town and village of Pittsford recently held the Paddle and Pour Art Festival at Schoen Place. The festival kicked off with an annual regatta races between local rowing crew teams from all age groups. Local businesses at Schoen Place we buzzing, residents and visitors form near and far were enjoying the festival celebration.

The Weather Cooperated with the event schedule for the Pittsford Paddle and Pour Festival

Mother nature gave us gorgeous weather that was excellent not for just spectators and event goers but there was little to no wind and the temperature was in the mid to high 60’s with lots of sun which was perfect for all crew teams participating. Surprisingly, there was no snow on the ground (joke).

We enjoyed the Paddle and Pour Festival in Pittsford

Costco Rochester NY: Costco Rochester NY – VIP Opening Party – Pittsford Business

June 4, 2015

Costco Rochester NY: Costco Rochester NY – VIP Opening Party – Pittsford Business

On June 4th, Costco invited select members and locals from the greater Rochester NY area for the VIP soft opening party. Plenty of appetizers were served to all and people got a sneak peak of the vast top quality goods and services Costco offers to their members.

After long anticipation, Costco has opened for business in Rochester NY. Coscto opened it’s doors at the 335 Westfall Road location in Rochester NY as the anchor retail store at the City Gate development project. Costco brings to the Rochester area a strong evangelical customer following from its members (membership starts at $55 per year). Members can purchase a wide variety goods including a car!.

Pittsford Business was at the Costco VIP Opening Party

Pittsford Business was present at the Costco VIP opening party and we took some photos to capture the local business event. Plenty of people showed up and the parking lot was full, but more importantly Costco created a strong business buzz in making the local retail scene more competitive.

Azucar Media

May 19, 2015

Every month Pittsford Business will showcase the services and products of its sponsored local businesses. Sponsored stories will be posted to the Pittsford Business blog and kept there permanently.

Local Web Design and SEO Services in the Town of Pittsford

Azucar Media specializes in web design, content management for social media and SEO (search engine optimization) for small to medium sized local businesses in the Rochester area. Azucar Media focuses on content quality, building responsive websites that professionally suit local businesses needs.

Services are geared towards local businesses

Local businesses take a lot of pride in their products and services that keep them in business and most importantly keep their customers satisfied. Azucar Media gears it’s web design, SEO and Social media services in helping local businesses reach a greater audience and generate more customers resulting in a stronger brand with business growth as the ultimate goal.

Azucar Media provides a free initial consultation to better understand local businesses so that potential and relevant customers can find the local goods and services they are searching for. What separates Azucar Media from other web design and seo companies is that Azucar Media focuses on making sure that their clients are showcased with a strong brand recognition that associates their good and services to a positive experiences.

Contact Azucar Media Today

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Candlelight Night 2014 in Pittsford NY

March 18, 2015

Candlelight Night

For another consecutive year, it was snowing and bitterly cold on candlelight night in Pittsford NY. No matter the cold weather, the celebration was still a success and people from all over came to the village and enjoyed the holiday season celebration.

Candleight Night 2014 in Pittsford NY

Village of Pittsford and Small Business Zoning

October 29, 2014

Recently, the Village of Pittsford and it’s Board of Trustees discussed new zoning legislation to exclude certain businesses (tattoo parlors, smoke shops, night clubs, pawn shops, check cashing, distillery’s) as a proactive approach to keep the historic local business community preserved.
Some might say that this is discriminatory and discourages business development and the entrepreneurial spirit of the “American Dream”. On the other hand the Village of Pittsford and it’s Board of Trustee are bringing to attention, discussing and identifying small businesses that are “predatory” and who’s impact to the Pittsford community is more negative than positive (from a socio-economic perspective).
Let’s be realistic here and vision out a scenario where a local Sutherland high school student get a hold of a fake i.d. buys cigarettes (tobacco products and accessories), gets a new tattoo, and pays for it by pawning a relatives ring or gold watch – all within a lunch period and walking distance.
There are plenty of options for local consumers to meet their needs elsewhere withing a short drive from Pittsford NY but to keep the historic and family friendly business environment preserved it is important to have requirements and exclude predatory businesses.
To say the least the discussion has begun with local officials moving forward now that there exist vacant prime small businesses locations at the 4 Corners and Schoen Place.
[Pittsford Village Wants to Restrict Certain Businesses From Opening]
[Pittsford rolls out unwelcome mat for certain shops]
[Pittsford trustees backtrack after zoning backlash]
[Are tattoo studios ‘artists’ studios’? Pittsford says no]